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FAQ In-house On-site Attorneys

Why is it called "In-house On-site"? Is an in-house attorney different? 

In-house attorneys are there for corporations and government entities that have the money to retain an attorney as an employee. They work for the company, and they are there every day to manage and respond to legal risks. The benefit to the organization is that they can run everything by a seasoned attorney before things have gotten bad for them. 

In-house On-site Legal was started to provide access to that kind of assistance to individuals and businesses, but without making them hire a full-time employee. For instance, one of your employees has injured someone. If your company kept an attorney on staff, you would simply walk down the hall, brief them, and leave knowing you've got a senior level employee who will handle it. However, we feel that everyone deserves the same support in their lives, for the same reasons we advocate for preventative medicine and the axioms of Ben Franklin: "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Why is it that a lawyer visit often feels like a dentist visit?

Everyone will require a lawyer at some point in their lives. But when do you finally break down and hire one? When things are already bad. You're already in a contract dispute, you've already hit someone with your car, you're already facing criminal charges, or one of your employees has already breached numerous employment laws and regulations. 

Lawyers can only work with what we have, which means despite working hard, the client may still be unsatisfied with the outcome. That's understandable at times, because it's usually one of the hardest times in the person's life. But if you utilize lawyers the way you're supposed to utilize doctors, we have a much better chance of protecting every aspect of the way of life and standard of living you cherish. It's easy, just ask. The answers to a couple of questions can keep you from making a million dollar mistake. 


Why should I work with you?

See above. You want to start a business, but you're worried about the risks. Don't. Let us worry about the HR policies you need in place once you get up and running. Let us worry about the forms that customers sign, ensuring your business capital is insulated from isolated incidents. Maybe you're an individual who is worried that they've made a legal mistake. Relax, and let us lay all the cards on the table for you. We'll make sure you understand the full universe of legal contingencies that could take place in your situation, and plan your next steps together. 

Why work with us? Because we'll help, and we'll make it easy.